Businesses benefit most from IoT through actionable data intelligence. Real-time data can lead to new opportunities, improved processes, and more. IoT enables the improvement of systems and equipment maintenance processes. IoT solutions can reduce operating costs and downtime.

IoT is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with devices as well as the way enterprises operate. Connected solutions can improve workplace conditions. Many businesses can benefit from the big data generated as an IoT solution. Data analysis can boost efficiency, productivity, worker conditions, and customer satisfaction. Introducing energy-saving devices that monitor usage and reduce energy consumption can contribute to sustainable initiatives. 

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Secure and Scalable IoT Application Development

The Internet of Things has completely revolutionized the way devices work. IoT developers build powerful apps using the latest technologies to deliver rich customer experiences and support business processes. West Agile Labs develops IoT solutions to allow users to monitor and control their intelligent devices from any mobile device. Our company helps businesses execute critical tasks more efficiently, effectively, and timely. We also assist in selecting the right platform and strategizing a successful plan. We optimize your operations to develop connected app systems for your customers.

At WAL, we design and create IoT applications that combine sensor data, machine learning, predictive analytics, and user experience to deliver your customers’ dynamic and intelligent experience. We offer a full range of IoT app development services, such as voice-enabled IoT apps, module development, architecture design, platform integration, etc. 

IoT Software Development Services

IoT Consulting

IoT Consulting

We will assist you with IoT software development, including connected devices, sensors, and lifecycle management.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

We produce IoT products that align with your core functionality, ensuring the best performance from your IoT products.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions

Leveraging IoTs to derive meaningful insights can help improve the performance of your supply chain and manufacturing.

IoT Software Development & Integration

IoT Software Development & Integration

WAL IoT developers work with your hardware developers to launch IoT applications and firmware. Whether you need IoT solutions for business or home, we’ll make it work.

IoT Apps for Mobile & Web

IoT Apps for Mobile & Web

We develop robust and scalable IoT applications for the web and mobile to streamline your business. Using the newest digital technologies, we create timeless products.

IP Software Development & Integration

IP Software Development & Integration

Utilize the Hot software interface architecture for connecting IoT sensors and components. We offer IP protection services.

IoT Analytics and Data Visualization

IoT Analytics and Data Visualization

WAL prioritizes data management. Businesses benefit from our platforms for IoT data visualization and analytics.

IoT App Development Solutions for Diverse Industry Needs

With our expertise in IoT applications development, we deliver unique apps for startups, enterprises, and scale-ups that enable smart connections between people and devices.

Enterprise Application
  • Dedicated IOT Team

    Having worked on IoT projects across multiple industries over the years, our team has developed highly efficient and intelligent solutions for all your IoT app development needs.

  • The Agile Methodology

    We build IoT apps of high quality within a short timeframe by utilizing our agile project methodology.

  • High-Scalability IOT Products

    A team of experts from our company can engineer secure, scalable, and smart internet-of-things solutions that can enhance your business growth.

  • Custom-Made Solutions

    We tailor our IoT applications to our client’s needs, challenges, and opportunities by incorporating the latest trends and technologies.

  • Delivered on Time, at an Affordable Price

    Our goal is to provide cost-effective and result-oriented IoT app development services within the specified deadlines.

  • Technology Stack

    Our extensive knowledge and expertise of the latest technology stacks allow us to efficiently and cost-effectively create new products and services.

  • Best Practices for Security

    Throughout every step of IoT mobile app development, we adhere to strict data governance and security practices.

Tools & Technologies

With a large number of visitors increasingly accessing websites from mobile devices and tablets, it is imperative that your website, business and consumer web applications render well across all these form factors besides the desktop. We are skilled in cutting-edge technologies for creative technical execution.

Server Side Technologies

  • Ruby


  • Wordpress


  • Python


  • PHP


  • Java


  • Microsoft .Net

    Microsoft .Net

  • Node Js

    Node Js

Infrastructure Services

  • AWS


  • Circle ci

    Circle ci

  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

  • Github


  • Jenkins


  • Heroku


  • Kubernets


  • Ansible


  • Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean

  • Terraform


  • Azure


Frontend technologies

  • React Native

    React Native

  • Angular


  • Vue.Js


  • Electron



  • My Sql

    My Sql

  • Redis


  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

  • Postgre Sql

    Postgre Sql

  • Elatic Search

    Elatic Search

  • Mongo DB

    Mongo DB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IOT and How Does it Work?

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The IoT refers to a network of interconnected computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals, or people providing unique identifiers (UIDs) through networks without requiring direct contact with humans or computers.

An IoT device is a web-enabled smart device that uses embedded systems to collect, transmit, and act on data from its environment. An IoT gateway or edge device connects IoT devices to the internet, where data can be processed at the edge or sent to the cloud for analysis. Other related devices may communicate with these devices and act on the information they receive. People can interact with the devices, but most work is done without human intervention, such as setting up, instructing, and accessing data.

What are IOT Devices Used For ?

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Hardware devices connected to the internet include sensors, actuators, gadgets, appliances, and machines capable of transmitting data over the network.

What are the Applications of IOT?

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Smart surveillance, transportation automation, smart energy management, water distribution, urban safety, and environmental monitoring are examples of applications utilizing the internet of things.

Is a Mobile Phone an IOT Device?

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No, smartphones don’t fall under the Internet of Things. Mobile devices are comparable to computing devices in terms of capabilities. IoTs typically consist of connected objects with embedded sensors that provide status information.

We help turn your ideas into flawless digital products by developing custom software solutions websites and mobile applications that convey your brand’s story.

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