Software development for Real Estate Industry

West Agile Labs' real estate software development services will give you a competitive advantage. Our tailored software solutions meet technology needs, from management software to mobile apps to all-in-one MLS/IDX platforms. We create high-quality software products using the right strategy and technology stack for sales generation and adoption. We will enable you to make data-driven decisions about your business and deliver more value to potential buyers. Our complete focus is on enhancing customer and realtor experiences through innovative real estate software. We ensure the timely delivery of quality products by utilizing an agile process. Our real estate software development solutions create scalable, dependable software that facilitates brokers' and agents' efficient management of your properties.
Software development for Real Estate Industry
Software development for Real Estate Industry

Custom Real-Estate Software Development Services

We deliver end-to-end custom real estate software development services using advanced tools and technologies.

  • Real Estate Mobile App Development

    Our team of dedicated developers offers robust real estate development solutions. With AR/VR integration, we provide apps with unique features and functionalities.

  • Real-Estate Website Development

    Our Real Estate website development services will help you promote your business. Our website also features amazing product displays with single-click sign-in, recommendations based on artificial intelligence, payment integration, and 3D property views.

  • Online Property Booking Solutions

    We offer customers ultimate property booking solutions for finding resorts and hotels using our real estate software developers. Our services include accounting, virtual property inspections, etc.

  • Property Management Software

    Software development for real estate businesses is important for determining the impact of marketing efforts. Our experts handcraft to-do lists, strategies, and tactics for ultimate buyer engagement by analyzing our clients' data.

  • Lead Management Software

    Businesses can manage real estate leads by using software to track websites, social media, and referral inquiries. Companies in the real estate sector can easily track the growth of their business and the number of leads in their databases.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We provide real estate software maintenance and services from our expert real estate developers. Get dedicated real estate software development services for upgrades, customizations, bug fixing, etc.

Industries we serve

Real Estate Management Software Solutions

We design and implement customized real estate management software integrated with CRMs and Multi Listing Services (MLS). We adhere to the industry’s best practices to efficiently manage the entire real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Management Software Solutions

MLS Software for Real Estate

Our platform provides advanced logic searches for Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) using APIs from companies. We help agents and brokers customize listings with the help of MLS technology integration.

MLS Software for Real Estate

Property Management Software Solutions

We have designed property management apps that help you stay on top of your properties. A property management system developed by our team will let you easily access all the information you need to manage your business efficiently. Our team can assist you in implementing advanced security features such as video surveillance, key control systems, and role-based access control. The software allows you to monitor everything from leases to construction projects in one place.

Property Management Software Solutions

IDX Integration Solutions

We can manage and improve any CRM system or application using our IDX integration solutions. By integrating IDX-driven listing content into your app or website, you will be able to reveal key insights. With IDX, we use advanced technologies such as search engine reporting, marketing automation, and registration prompts. We can also design customized mobile technology solutions by constructing IDX components from scratch.

IDX Integration Solutions

Building Management Software

Our cloud-based building management software offers clients complete end-to-end solutions for managing multiple assets and sites. We offer real-time inventory tracking, maintenance monitoring, and management with our software solutions.

Building Management Software

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    Our Center of Excellence for project delivery comprises highly skilled engineering, design and product leaders at the executive level.

    Our distributed team brings together the latest technologies with a value-driven approach, ensuring the focus is always on practical & scalable solutions.

    Quality without compromise is our guiding principle for all projects, aiming the code quality that complies with the most stringent industry standards.

    Our team of world-class engineers and designers strives to create impactful, human-centric products leveraging deep domain and tech experience.

    We pay close attention to the code and data security aspect, to ensure users of these products have the best and most secure experience possible.
  • We help turn your ideas into flawless digital products by developing custom software solutions websites and mobile applications that convey your brand’s story.

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