Digital Manufacturing IT Solutions

West Agile Labs offers custom software solutions to manufacturing companies. Our experts develop responsive manufacturing solutions, automated production processes, and remote asset management systems. With the help of advanced technology, West Agile Labs builds custom software solutions for manufacturing industries. We offer a full range of manufacturing software development services to help startups and large corporations increase output. We streamline the manufacturing process and production components with a custom CRM and ERP. We develop customized applications for industrial automation, inventory management, and efficient production planning.
Digital Manufacturing IT Solutions
Digital Manufacturing IT Solutions

Custom Manufacturing Software Development Services

We provide cutting-edge software solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our expert team develops custom and scalable manufacturing software for clients worldwide with a team of highly talented developers.

  • Production Planning and Reporting Solution

    Our developers create production planning and reporting solutions for various manufacturing companies. Our team reshapes production operations, capacity planning, and scheduling.

  • Order and Inventory Management System

    West Agile Labs software development services streamline order processing and improve inventory management by developing secure and scalable systems.

  • Smart Products

    We provide robust AI-powered models to manufacturers via our dedicated developers. Our smart product development analyzes historical data and creates technologies to increase productivity and provide immediate results.

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis

    In manufacturing, we help companies improve customer service by using AI systems based on patterns of customer interactions so they can provide a personalized experience.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    We will create scalable and clear models that will greatly improve overall maintenance operations by analyzing historical data, including vibrations, electric currents, and sounds produced by the equipment.

  • Third-party Integration

    We specialize in the integration of third-party APIs for the manufacturing industry. We will save more time by offering proper solutions by integrating APIs into data mining, report generation, and modeling.

Industries We Serve

Optimized Resource Management

Our system analyses physical, non-tangible, and human resources, developing a strategy for optimal utilization. We guarantee maximum profitability to our clients by maximizing the utilization of all resources.

Optimized Resource Management

Order and Inventory Management Software

Our software development services help you manage orders and increase inventory efficiency through comprehensive order and inventory management software.

Order and Inventory Management Software

Production Planning and Reporting Solution

Manufacturing companies turn to us for solutions to improve their production processes, scheduling, and capacity planning.

Production Planning and Reporting Solution

Customized Fleet Management

Our customized fleet management services can help manufacturers manage their vehicles. We provide a customized fleet management system for managing any vehicle. A customized system ensures maximum efficiency as cargo, supplies, trips, and beat distribution are all managed efficiently.

Customized Fleet Management

Database and Data Warehousing

We provide cloud, server, and hybrid data warehouse management. It is unnecessary to worry about data security or breaches from some unauthorized third party.

Database and Data Warehousing

Document Management Systems

In manufacturing, documentation is equally important as processes. Therefore, our team develops sophisticated document management systems scalable to any other business management system or compliance standard.

Document Management Systems

Our Success Case Studies

A composite reinforced asphalt solutions provider of California. Besides strengthening and controlling the aggregate mix, it improves fatigue resilience and toughness. The client is known for its high-performance levels, cost efficiency, and ease to use features. The team has faced many challenges, such as poor aggregate quality, high poly-mod costs, and supply chain challenges.

The client develops concrete and asphalt additives that are ahead of the competition. A centralized, automated ordering system was needed to replace the manual ordering process between providers, contractors, and delivery staff. 


Technology stack

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Landing Pages
  • Prototyping

West Agile Labs developed an e-commerce store, mobile applications, and marketing collateral that allowed customers to create, track, and fulfill orders. Our team comprehended the requirements of the client and delivered a collaborative product that matches the demands of the evolving marketplace. At West Agile Labs, we have created a flex architecture that aligns with the marketplace evolution with the cost-effective resource. 



    Our Center of Excellence for project delivery comprises highly skilled engineering, design and product leaders at the executive level.

    Our distributed team brings together the latest technologies with a value driven approach, ensuring the focus is always on practical & scalable solutions.

    Our team of world-class engineers and designers strives to create impactful, human-centric products leveraging deep domain and tech experience.

    We pay close attention to the code and data security aspect, to ensure users of these products have the best and most secure experience possible.
  • We help turn your ideas into flawless digital products by developing custom software solutions websites and mobile applications that convey your brand’s story.

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