Agriculture Software Development

West agile Labs provides innovative ways for farmers to operate their farming operations through its agriculture software development services. Our agricultural software helps our clients make data-driven decisions that result in higher profitability and sustainable business growth. We have dedicated experts developing, validating, and scaling agricultural software by providing senior engineering teams and technology expertise in areas such as GPS guidance systems, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, location, and mapping.
Agriculture Software Development
Agriculture Software Development

Custom Farm Management Software Solutions for Agriculture

West Agile Labs’ custom farming management software solutions are extremely flexible and scalable, providing an all-in-one platform for agriculture & farming.

  • Farm inventory management

    We design GIS solutions to integrate RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies into existing or new ERP platforms.

  • Farm equipment servicing

    Farm GIS equipment inspection programs come with mobile applications for field inspections from the live location.

  • Crop planning and tending

    Our farm mapping software enhances crop planning and tending by automating watering, irrigation, and planting.

  • Aquaculture application development

    Gain a comprehensive, clear, and in-depth understanding of data retrieved from marine information systems by developing automated spatial analytics applications.

  • Aquaculture management systems

    Our experts can design app to manage aquaculture and aquaponics operations on a mission-critical basis.

Industries We Serve

Farm Management Systems

WAL’s all-in-one agriculture & farming management software solutions span the entire scope of agriculture & farming. To enhance visibility, we integrate RFID systems, barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies into new and existing ERP platforms to implement farm inventory management. Mobile apps for in-field inspections and custom reports come with our equipment inspection software. Farm mapping software allows us to automate watering, irrigation, and planting optimization for better crop planning and tending.

Farm Management Systems

Crop planning and employee tracking software

We build field operations and integrate employee management systems that provide scheduling, reporting, and tracking functionality. Our team also develops greenhouse farm management software for growers of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. We can automate irrigation and watering that optimize plant growth with farm mapping software. Furthermore, we build crop management solutions, such as field mapping and rotation management, crop database management, and custom event-based tracking.

Crop planning and employee tracking software

Farm equipment management software

We always develop unparalleled custom Equipment Management Software. Our equipment management system offers mobile apps to enable in-field inspections and reporting and standardizing procedures. With EDI, data is automatically backed up to database servers for seamless transfer to external oversight agencies. The software we develop for driverless tractor technology enables enhanced communication and control via GPS satellite networks. Aside from custom apps, we also develop overall equipment efficiency (OEE) monitoring, downtime and risk management tools, and safety management modules.

Farm equipment management software

Farm inventory software

We develop agriculture inventory management systems that monitor inventory, assets, waste, and equipment shrinkage. Farm Inventory Management Solutions integrate RFID, barcodes, serial number scanners, and GIS into existing or new ERP platforms. Our Farm Order Process Management apps streamline and automate order processes, from order receipt through fulfillment.

Farm inventory software

Weather monitoring and analytics

Our experienced professionals monitor and analyze data collected from IoT sensors and historical databases. We have exceptional experience in devising algorithms to predict weather that helps farms.

Weather monitoring and analytics

Irrigation system management

Irrigation software developed by us incorporates computer-aided design (CAD), digital terrain modeling (DTM), hydraulic systems, and irrigation patterns.

Irrigation system management

Seed-to-sale-dispensary software development

We offer seed-to-sale software solutions, including material requirement planning (MRP), reorder point (ROP) formulas, economic order quality (EOQ) assessments, waste management analysis, and more. With our dispensary CRM platforms, we empower sales, marketing, and customer service with business intelligence (BI). We integrate barcode and QR scanner software for dispensary point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce websites with role-based access control (RBAC).

Seed-to-sale-dispensary software development

Our Success Case Studies

A paper and product manufacturing company of Kenya enables small-scale farmers to access industrial wood markets through the African forestry sector. Farmers in rural areas contribute land and labor to help virtual plantations jointly managed by the company. The farmers receive fair payment for harvested trees. The company provides planting inputs, maintenance support, harvesting services, and a guaranteed wood processing and sales operations market.

The paper manufacturing company designed many innovative operational processes to maximize farmer output and productivity but lacked a digital platform to effectively drive efficiency and leverage data. 

The client faced major challenges in digitizing the offline field employees’ data. The popular paper and product manufacturing company created several innovative processes to maximize farmer productivity and output but lacked a digital platform to use data effectively and drive efficiency.

West Agile Labs developed an Android app that transformed the offline field analysis and farmer interaction processes into a digital, online medium. The app, built on the Native Android platform, includes offline functionality. The field data can be synced regularly and further analyzed. It also allowed employees to track individual activities and create task sheets tailored to maintain efficiency. A web admin dashboard was developed to overcome network availability and data access limitations. It was also challenging to incorporate the sync mechanism with the offline functionality of the application. After numerous trials and errors, field employees could utilize mobile apps to store data in local storage and upload mobile data to the web application. 


    Our Center of Excellence for project delivery comprises highly skilled engineering, design and product leaders at the executive level.

    Our distributed team brings together the latest technologies with a value driven approach, ensuring the focus is always on practical & scalable solutions.

    Our team of world-class engineers and designers strives to create impactful, human-centric products leveraging deep domain and tech experience.

    We pay close attention to the code and data security aspect, to ensure users of these products have the best and most secure experience possible.
  • We help turn your ideas into flawless digital products by developing custom software solutions websites and mobile applications that convey your brand’s story.

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