Another name for this article could also be “signs to look out for in a bad software development company”. The debate is still on about which is better, in-house development team or outsourcing it to a professional software development company. But when you look at the data presented in terms of skills and cost efficiency, partnering with a software development company might work in your favor.

Now when and if you do decide to partner with such a company there are a few things to keep in mind. You cannot work under the assumption that every software development company works in the same manner. Or that they will all provide you with the same result. You have to put in your research and find the company that has the right fit for you. You can also incorporate these points and tips if you feel that is time to change your current software company and move to another.

This article will shed some light on the fundamental factors that should be there in every company you think to work with. In addition to the main factors of quality and professionalism here are the other factors to keep in mind:

The company directly moves into the development phase without looking into any specifications.

Things are constantly changing in today’s environment and market. So this point does not mean that you must stick to the first plan you come up with. But only when you have the app or product specification are you then able to explain your vision. This will help out in various parts of the development process so that the final product is an output of your vision.

A good software development company is meant to help you out in this process. They are there to help execute your vision. Take a moment to see whether the company did any of the prep work before moving directly on the development phase. Did they ask you questions such as, what would be the targeted group or audience? What kind of interface would you like? The inner workings of the app?

Even if you don’t have a clue where to start, your development partners are to help with this.

1. Are they ‘Yes Men’?

This point is in addition to or rather an ancillary point to the above tip. It is true that the software development company is there to follow your directions and bring to life your vision but they must also be able to offer some kind of insight into the project. You don’t want just a group of people to do everything you say. They should also have some kind of recommendations to add to the project. If they simply say yes to everything you say then they are not adding any value or past experience to your product.

A good partner will know when to agree with you and when not to during the software development life cycle. Think of this as getting honest feedback. If the feedback is not honest and they have lied just to appease you then you won’t see any true improvements in your business.

2. Communications

This point is key to understanding what is really happening with the project. In most cases, you will be interesting with your software development partners via phone or email. So between the both of you, there must be clear communications on what is happening with the product development. When you read an email from the development company try and see whether it is a response that is customized for you or a general template used for everyone. This is not to say that if they have proper language skills don’t work with them, but they must be able to keep you in the loop on what is truly happening.

3. They don’t process the expertise and skill that you need

This point goes without saying that if the software development company does not process the skills you need then you should probably move on to another. The first area to look into for this is their won website. The quality of their website will actually show one side of their skills. In addition to this look at their website on your phone to see their mobile user interface.

Now, these were the areas that are readily available. The next area to look into is their portfolio. The portfolio should be clear and informative. See what their customer’s review and feedback says. Pay close attention to see the range of their work. Are they able to use different tools and technologies? Are they well versed in the new technologies that come out? What is the quality of UI/UX designs?

Do not go for a company that is well versed in only one skill for example coding. It will be easier for you to partner which such a software development company that can take on the responsibility of the whole project. Such as development, deployment, testing, etc. If you do your research well on the company in the early stages, it will help you out in the future and lessen your workload then.

4. Is the company ‘too good to be true?

If this is the case then you should definitely do some more in-depth research about them. If you see that somehow every facet of the operation works without a single glitch then the classic saying of “it’s too good to be true” might just come in here. Whether it’s the price range, or their review, or the timeline they have offered be aware that they might be trying to oversell you. There might be something they are trying to hide from you. In this kind of situation:

  • have a look at their work plan in absolute detail.
  • see whether they are asking you question or just either agreeing with everything you say and paraphrasing you.
  • the level of transparency that is there in the project.

It’s obvious that finding the right software development partner can be tricky and a cumbersome process. But if you keep these simple and easy tips in mind then you should have no problem finding the right match.