The UI/UX design of a product is the backbone of the whole operation. Whenever a user lands on your website, it is the first thing that they will notice. This is why businesses are now paying more attention to this aspect and why businesses are outsourcing the design to an app development agency.

This article will highlight a few points to keep in mind while you outsource app development.

Importance UI/UX Design

Before looking into the aspects of outsourcing app design, you must understand why it is so important.

In simple terms, if the website or app looks cluttered, then you cannot navigate on it. This is all a sign of poor UI/UX design. As a result, you will lose potential customers. Web design is how your users and customers perceive your companies brand. With a good UI/UX design, you will engage your users and not send them to your competitors.

In today’s world, tons of websites and apps offer the same content. A good and user-friendly website is what will set you apart from the rest. Users tend to decide within a few secs whether they want to continue with a website or not. Poor UI/UX will aid in this bounce rate even further.

Users are becoming more and more experience-driven. This is why your focus for your website should on improving that. Provide them with a rich, attention-grabbing interface with a good user experience.

What is Outsourcing app development?

If your in-house team for app development is not an option in your company, then you turn to a third-party agency. Outsourcing app development is this process when you hire an outside third party. With outsourcing, you’ll find that you gain a whole set of extensive skills and more experience, which is something you would probably not have gotten with an in-house team. This is because this is their main expertise, and they have a whole team specialized in various aspects of software development.

Should I outsource my app design?

This is a natural question everyone will ask. Whether you should outsource your mobile app design to another company or not. This question is especially valid if you are a startup.

This is a debate that has been on for years now. This is more to do with the fact that there have been examples of both. Startups do well when they have outsourced their app development and when they have kept it in-house.

You must not dismiss outsourcing app design on the account that it may be expensive. It might shock you to learn that, in some cases, outsourcing to another company might be more cost-efficient. Not only that, but the company will also have more experience in this field than your in-house teams. 

If your budget allows for it, especially you are a startup, you might want to consider outsourcing your app design.

Following are a few points to keep in mind while outsourcing app development:

1. Budget Plan:

The first step to keep in mind is estimating your budget and coming up with a plan. Depending on your budget, you can then look into an app design company within that range. This is one area in which you should not want to save money and be stingy. If you have the resources, then approach a company that you feel can do a good job.

2. What are your Needs?

Before outsourcing your app development, you need to figure out what your requirements are. This will help you on two fronts:

  1. You will be able to communicate your needs to the app development agency better.
  2. If you are not clear with what you want, it will lead to more revisions. More revisions mean you will end up spending more money.

Here are the things to keep in mind:

  •  The aim of your app
  • Your target audience
  • What do you want as the standout feature
  • Do you want to go for a Hybrid or Native App?

3. Check their previous work:

Once you have selected a few contenders, go through their portfolios. This gives you an insight into what their final projects look like. Read over the testimonials written by past clients. You could even contact a few of their old clients to get a good feel of their performance level.

4. Knowledge:

Look into whether the app-building team in the company is aware of the latest trends. Technology is constantly evolving and changing and hence so are the design trends. Designers must be aware of such changes and make the same changes to their toolkits. When you look into this aspect, you will figure out whether the company has the needed skills.

5. Make your Expectations clear to them:

When it comes to outsourcing your app development, you must set clear expectations. Communication is vital when it comes to this. You must both be clear with the plan and what your requirements are for the app. When you have unclear expectations, the project as a whole can get off railed. You will end up wasting your money and time.

6. Make a Project Plan

Adding onto point 5 of making your expectations clear, ask for a project plan if you are not giving them one. This will help in streamlining the entire development process and maintain a timeline. You will find that a project plan will make things easier because you break it down into more minor aspects. What a project plan does is:

  •  It will lay down a series of tasks that has to be complete before a specific date.
  •  It will specify which task to finish before moving onto the next one.
  • You will be able to track the progress in a systematic format.

Before you start any project, you must always first establish the time frames, deliverables, and payment terms. This will helps you with a smooth working environment.