Choosing the right software development company is like hiring a crew to build your house. The same logic and steps are to be added here. You will want to triple-check all the different parameters to know that you have picked the right company in the first place.

This article is going to list out all the different factors you should keep in mind and all the different questions you should ask the company you are planning on working with. In simple terms, it’s going to tell you what to look for in a software development company before deciding to partner with one.

1. Cost

No matter what you buy ever, the cheapest item will only work for a few weeks and then it goes off. You will end up paying more in the long run in this case. This happens due to the following reasons:

  • If the code is poorly written or if there is a lack of tests conducted or any lack of documentation.
  • In case you don’t own the code, you can end up with a bundled code.
  • If go opt for a company in another country then there can be a problem with the language which will lead to a lack of communication or a lack of transparency in the whole development process.

In the wanting to opt for a cheaper option in the beginning you might just end up paying more later on.

2. Communication and Integration

Try and find a company that is keen on always improving their development process and also have an interest in keeping up with retrospective meetings. If they are able to get to know from eh very beginning what is expected out of them then the whole process should be more cost-effective and faster. You’ll find that in some scenarios quality and communication play a bigger role than the price.

There are two things to areas to look into in such matters to make sure everything is clear from day one:

  • Agile development process- Look into seeing which process your partner is going to follow. Things like sprints, startups should be looked into.
  • Tools- See which tools are being used by your software development partner. Communicate with them from day one to understand all these matters so that later on there is no confusion.

3. Are they ‘yes’ men?

If the answer is yes then you want to avoid such people. This is due to the fact that they just want to please you and have no interest in what the outcome of the project is. They as software developers have more knowledge on this matter and should be the ones to say ‘no’ when it matters.  You need partners who can say ‘no this feature is not required and that it’s a waste of money.’ It’s good to have a straightforward development partner who can say ‘no’ when needed.

4. Same sized company

This might seem like an unconventional tip but it might work in your favor to work with a company that is the same size as you. If the development company is too big, bigger than yours, then there are chances for them to not give you the required attention. And on the other side, if the company is smaller than yours then they might not have the needed experience for your project.

5. Technology Stack

The software development partners that you pick should be experts in the technology stack that they use. For example, if you have to use react for your front-end then find a company who knows how to use it, and the same for the backend development. When you are researching on finding a software development company then have a look at their web page. Normally all these companies have the technology stack that they use listed out there. You’ll notice a variety of logos displaced. But be aware that you don’t go for the company that has listed in a number of technologies. This is because no one can be an expert in everything. You need someone who is in one or two areas in particular.

6. Chemistry

This is one you will have to test out for yourself. Is there a good working relationship between the both of you? You will be working together as partners for a while so you need to see for yourself if the chemistry is there or not. Once it is in place then the communication transparency will come out automatically.

7. The Frequency of deployment

The software partners that you decide to go for should be eager to show you all the different progress that they have made on your project. Keep in mind that every sprint must be done with a demo of the product. This speeds up the development.

8. Do they understand the business?

It is not only about putting out the technology or the code, it is also about the business aspect of things. Find a software development partner who knows the challenge that comes with new features and can help you prioritize and advise you on the way forward and be able to connect well with others.

9. Location

There can be many challenges that come from a company located in another corner of the world. Whether it be the timings or language, there will be some kind of barrier that comes up. Just to save a little bit of money while outsourcing, you might end up with other kinds of problems, down the road.

10. Flexibility

If you are not clear on the aspects like user stories, mockups, well-documented product or project plans, then it’s better if you don’t choose a fixed price model. It will just end up costing you more time, money, and material-based projects.

When you go for a fixed price then what most software development companies do is they will add 25% or more to cover any kind of risk that comes from not knowing the exact scope of the entire project.