Business in the e-commerce sector is growing at an accelerated pace. If you’re not aware, some e-commerce websites barely make a profit while others are wildly successful. Online giants such as Amazon and eBay are excellent examples. A Guardian report claims that Amazon made a record $2.5 billion profit during the second quarter of 2018. According to Yahoo Finance, eBay’s sales rose by 9% year over year to 2.64 billion dollars. These companies set first priority to the user experience (UX/UI), security, and reliable hosting. The main focus of these firms is to make their websites easy to use, fast, safe, and attractive.

However, you need to understand more details about the issues that consume much of your time. Do you need help with e-commerce web development to increase traffic or improve conversions? This article outline nine important e-commerce website features that can improve sales.   

9 Essentials Of A High-Performing E-Commerce Website

  1. An Easy-To-Use Navigation System

A survey shows that 76% of consumers list website ease of use as the most significant characteristic. Developing user-friendly e-commerce web design improves the search functionality of products. When users cannot find what they need on your e-commerce site, they are less likely to stay and shop. A user-friendly navigation system is an integral aspect of e-commerce web design. Ensure you have easy-to-navigate menus on your e-commerce website so you can quickly navigate between categories. Ideally, these menus are placed high up on each page in an easy-to-find place. Further, users can filter results to view only products that meet their needs. 

2. Mobile-Friendly Design

Do you know 61% of consumers prefer mobile-friendly websites for online shopping? When you make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly, it will increase traffic and conversion rates! It’s best practice for e-commerce web design to use responsive web design – it’s mobile-friendly. The website will respond to the size of the screen displayed. With your mobile-friendly design, your laptops and smartphones will all display correctly.

  1. High-Definition Photos & Videos

Today shoppers wish to see the product from multiple angles before placing an order. A zoom-in facility gives a comprehensive user view of the product. As per adobe survey images, websites that fail to load drop off the consumer interest over the product by 39%. Adding high-resolution images increases the check-outs of the customer by 24%. Optimize the web page load by showing multiple images for every product.

  1. Online Product Catalogue

One of the most vital aspects of an e-commerce website is an information-rich product catalog that drives customer conversion. An inventory catalog describes the products in a store. The product catalog contains the description, price, delivery options, images, and available quantity. You can use the catalog organization to influence customer behavior. 

A business niche refers to a grouping of products into a specific category. The most common categories within apparel & fashion are clothes, shoes, bags. Similarly, laptops, wearables, and mobile devices are among the top consumer electronics categories. Next to each product category option, users can see the subcategory options. So if a user is searching for red wine without hassle, they must check out the right catalog is just enough.  

  1. Customer Reviews & Ratings

eCommerce websites offer numerous choices, so customers remain cautious in purchase decisions. Customers check the review and rating of the product purchased by other customers. More than 92% of users verify the review before placing an order. Customers trust the reviews of other users and consider them as honest opinions. Good ratings and positive reviews of the product lead to successful sales. Despite you having both sets of comments, it is possible to increase sales by blocking the negative comments. 

  1. Secured Payment Options

What makes an e-commerce website successful? The payment method. Integrating famous payment choices increase the conversion rate and customer experience.  A trustworthy e-commerce store should accept secure payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Braintree. E-commerce websites with various payment gateways enable customers across the globe to purchase the products. Payments via mobile devices are also on the rise. If you want to capture more mobile orders, you should consider adding Apple Pay or Google Pay to your checkout.

  1. Easy and Manageable Check-out

On average, 69.89% of shopping carts get abandoned. A retail store can suffer from this problem when the customers leave at the last moment. Ecommerce with an optimized check-out process will reduce cart abandonment and keep your customers coming back. Request the customer to submit the complete purchase details such as mailing address, delivery option, and credit card details. Generally, customers never prefer to browse more than three pages. And that is why one-page check-out extensions are becoming increasingly popular among customers. 

  1. Buyer Friendly Shopping Cart 

A successful e-commerce website must have a well-designed shopping cart. Shoppers place their items in the cart to continue the purchase process. Shopping carts must allow the user to modify the quantities, apply promo codes, add or remove products from the card, and shipping options. Design the shopping cart with simple visuals displaying brand colors and check-out buttons. An abandoned cart will send a reminder email to the shopper to complete the purchase process. Thus you never miss a single shipping order.

  1. Related Product Links

The never missing feature of eCommerce business is displaying the related products. An effective upselling strategy is to display products related to the item a customer is viewing. In this way, you optimize the selling opportunity by boosting the sales with associated products. It doesn’t hurt for the customer to check out a few items even if they already have what they want in mind. 

A Few Words of Wisdom

The top e-commerce design features discussed are not limited to the list. Depending on the project scope and budget, you can add or remove the features. You can create an amazing customer experience by implementing the nine design features. The purpose of every website is to turn occasional passers into loyal customers. Find out if your website can do the same. Make sure you select a reputable website design firm when you’re ready to create your store. A website development company with extensive experience can offer you the best solution matching the business requirements.  


  1. What are the top features that are a must for any eCommerce site?

Running an online business requires an eCommerce website. Having essential features to develop a successful e-commerce website is crucial. These are the top features of a good eCommerce website:

  • Easy-to-use navigation system
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • High definition photos and videos
  • Online product catalog
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Secured payment options
  1. Who can develop an E-commerce website that is the best in the industry?

The best website development company must design a website with easy accessibility features. We at West Agile Labs believe the best place to drop your trust without fear. Some features we provide are as follows:

  • Store unlimited products,
  • Easy inventory management,
  • Simple order management
  • SEO Friendly Website.
  1. How can an eCommerce website be successful?

Colors, fonts, images, and graphics are all important in e-commerce web design to support the visitors to make a purchase. Good e-commerce websites provide an excellent user experience to appeal to potential buyers.