All CEOs of IT companies wish to develop software faster. Time is the precious and expensive asset of a company. So you cannot waste it on rework, refactoring, meetings, physical activities. Is that right? That depends.

Numerous companies grow up every day, slow in their progression, and dissolve. Maintaining a healthy pace of development is crucial to survival. Let’s say you have a great vision to prove to many people. Well, you know that your product will make a big bang hit. The only thing you need to do is just complete it on time. 

Now you have a bunch of experienced developers, and you deliver something in two years. All the developers are exhausted. The product implements approximately 10% of the vision. Everyone says there is large market potential, but 10% is insufficient to penetrate it. The company struggles for some time, moves over below-average sales, and eventually closes business. Excellent vision can’t survive in slow execution. What went wrong? Perhaps the problem was too complex, and two years was the best timeframe to tackle it. I think the team rushed too hard and released some good code. In the end, you got buried under complexity and technical debt. Developing software on the fly requires a great deal of skill. Many factors impact software development. Here are a few thoughts that help accelerate the software development process. 

What Are The Factors That Support Speed Up Software Development? 

The software development process is affected by a few key factors:

  • The complexity associated with the development process.
  • A high level of code quality;
  • The size of the team;
  • Staffing. 

Let’s talk about them one by one. 

The Complexity Of The Development Process

While working on a project, every developer continuously faces a variety of challenges. Some of these challenges may include: 

  • The technical aspects of the project like architecture and integrations with third parties.
  • Project specifications (ambiguous goals and objectives);
  • Unrealistic deadlines. For example, an estimation of the project timeline differs from the actual work scope.
  • The company may face structural issues and internal problems.

Managing several complexities all at once exacerbates the difficulty of software production. As more problems arise, the longer the development time. 

Coding Quality

A high-quality application takes time to create – whether it’s perfect or fast. But super-tight deadlines are something that will never go away. The project duration will increase if the entire code quality is compromised. The error will still require more effort and time.

The Size Of The Team

Effective internal communication is essential to the success of every project. When the team consists of more than seven people, it becomes more difficult to identify common ground. A team of up to five people is the most productive for cooperation. A large project requires several developers, so it is best to separate them into small teams. 


Each member of the team contributes to the team’s performance. Experienced and self-motivated team members will accomplish the task much faster. However, that does not mean you should avoid less-skilled developers. Eventually, these developers will become the most valuable asset in the entire organization. The process of getting them on board and helping them grow is still going to take time. 

How To Speed Up Software Development?

There is no objective way to determine how long it will take to complete a project. Several factors, including the complexity of the software, determine the length of time it takes.

1. Establish Clear Guidelines

Setting clear expectations is a common yet underestimated strategy. Companies must fix a timeframe to complete the software development process. Fix a smart goal and convey that to the team member. Thus, it enables us to speed up software development as expected by the client.

2. Expand The Team

Expanding the team is another popular strategy to accelerate software development. Having more team members would naturally result in less work for each member. Thus it lets you focus more on task completion and time. 

3. Integrate Agile Development To Meet Your Needs

An agile environment customizes processes based on the complexity of the project. The idea of agile is to develop the fastest prototype that leads to further development. Delivering products on time is a key objective of agile.

4. Reducing The Amount Of Work In Progress

Identify a method for managing projects that reduce the work-in-process. High workloads tend to slow down the work of teams. To eliminate pending tasks, limit the number of tasks you assign at one time.

 5. Identify Actual KPIs

Software developers often encounter the question of how to speed up development. But only a few people look at speed improvement measurement methods. Keep an eye on the number of tasks completed each day instead of looking at the number of lines of code written.

6. Testing with Shift Left

One of the best strategies to speed up software development is shift-left testing. Developers conduct this test in the early phase of the SDLC. It helps to identify all bugs and issues as soon as possible. Hence, testing in the early phase increases the development speed.

7. Managing Scope Changes

Avoiding frequent scope changes serves as the most effective project management strategy. Define clear project scope to make your teamwork faster towards the goal. Modifying the scope may make things even more complicated.

 8. Shortens Working Hours

IT professionals know that working shorter hours saves time and increases productivity rather than working 12 hours a day. Developers need regular breaks to replenish their creative energy because software development is a creative process. Short working hours lead to the faster delivery of products as employees work more efficiently. 

9. Software Development Outsourcing

Yet another widely used technique to speed up software development is outsourcing to an offshore company. These companies release the software within the deadline. Additionally, they identify which processes to add or remove to improve speed. 

How To Reduce Software Development Time?

Developing software is a long process. Building a prototype takes almost a year. Software development is always the focus of companies that wish to achieve a competitive advantage and gain more time to market.

Here are a few tips that assist you in reducing software development time.

  • Automation is a powerful tool that will reduce the workday of teams by eliminating unnecessary task management.
  • One way to reduce development time is to ask for client feedback early in the process. Development teams will make changes more quickly when they understand what went wrong and what needs to be changed.
  • You can also reduce software development time by leveraging a no-code platform. Developers can create user interfaces using drag-and-drop interfaces. This method is usually not used to create complex software solutions.

Time to Speed Up Your Development

Companies mainly focus on bringing their products to market as soon as possible. To survive in the competitive market, organizations must serve the user needs fast. However, you cannot speed up development for free. The best way to resolve the issues is to invest in a team to evaluate your current working style.