Today installing an app has become a daily routine for users. You may see elements such as icons, reviews, descriptions, or videos. These elements differ from one store to the next, so if you compare Apple App Store And Google App Store, you will find some remarkable differences in how they behave.

According to the reports, the chances of decisive behavior are 40% higher among Google Play users. Google Play Store gives a complex visual structure with its screenshot of an app and the graphic on the top of the app page. On the other end, iOS offers a clear and scrollable image gallery to view the app details. As a result, you should spend most of your Google Play resources on elements decisive to visitors what they see in the store. Those elements should contain your most important messaging and USPs.


After the first iPhone introduction in 2007, Apple created the first innovative mobile operating system. Apple’s iPhone stands out among operating systems thanks to its cutting-edge design and unified user experience. The design and simplicity of iOS have led it to become an absolute hit worldwide due to its versatility and ease of use.

As a result, the App Store provides the following advantages:

  • IOS applications run on all Apple devices. You only have to download the application one time, and then you can use it on all your devices.
  • People using iOS are more likely to spend money on apps and content.
  • The Apple Play Store has strong security protocols.
  • Apple has significant earnings in the US, the UK, Japan, China, and Australia.
  • The operating system is exclusively available for Apple products.


Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005. Android is a platform for mobile phones and tablets. Android is similar to iOS, which has an app store called Google Play store.

Here are some advantages of using Android:

  • Android is more flexible than iOS. And this is why Android has used any business which can run on a wide range of devices.
  • Cheaper applications.
  • It is possible to download third-party or non-Google applications.
  • However, users have less interest in spending money on applications.
  • According to Google, the USA, the UK, South Korea, Germany, and Japan generate the most revenue from Android.

Difference Between the App Store And Google Play

1. Growth 

As of 2008, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store had grown dramatically. According to the UK’s smartphone usage statistics, 100 percent of GenZ in the UK own smartphones. Recently, there has been an exponential growth in Android apps in the Google Play Store. In contrast, the Apple App Store is distinguishable for its consistent revenue growth. Nevertheless, it’s not wrong to think Google’s Play revenue growth rate is disappointing. In 2020, Google Play Store revenues increased 25% over 2019. The Apple App Store recorded 6.10% growth in the last quarter compared to the previous year.

2. Quality

You can easily determine which app store produces more quality apps and is more user-friendly by analyzing the approval time of an app. Reviewing and approving an app usually takes about two hours or less on the Google Play Store. The store receives thousands of apps daily. Each app is tested for viruses and malware to ensure it does not contain nudity or copyrighted images. Each app is also manually inspected by specialists.

Apple App Store review can take more time than the actual publishing process. Most iOS apps have their contents inspected within 48 hours. It ensures that users of the Apple App Store will get higher-quality apps. Aside from great apps, the Google Play Store has many buggy apps that might compromise your privacy.

3. Video

Although Exploration is overall lower in the Google app store, visitors are twice more likely to interact with your video, making video the most prominent type of Exploration Action in Google Play. Make sure to test out your video and find out what you have to offer, where users drop off, and what second pushes visitors to install. Interestingly, though Google Play users are more likely to play the video, iOS visitors are 22% more likely to complete the video. You can only upload a 15 – 30 second video to iOS, so users will watch the whole video.

4. Security

There is a common belief that App Store is more secure than Google Play Store. A review team inspects each new application before its release on the main platform. Since the standards of scrutiny set by the App Store are high, it takes so long to approve an app. Google reviews and uploading processes are not as complex as App Store. Thus, the Google Play Store contains some low-quality apps.

5. Developers

Despite Google Play’s growing popularity, Apple’s App Store still earns developers a higher profit. The reasons behind this are interesting. First, Apple users tend to be more affluent. Rather than buying the cheaper handsets that the “average” Android user would make do with, these more affluent Android users will spend much more on apps.

Also, developers should be aware that they have to have a Mac to write iOS apps. However, Android apps can be composed for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can see the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as an example of the Android ecosystem’s expensive phones. There are plenty of Android users who own smartphones for less than 300 dollars. The average Android user may not have a credit/debit card, and carrier billing may not be available in many parts of the world where Android is popular. Android apps tend to be ad-supported due to a lack of direct sales revenue.

6. Categorization

The Google Play Store’s categorization system is more sophisticated than the App Store’s. Apple has recently adopted the structure of the Google Play Store for its App Store. Google Play Store has several popular categories, including entertainment, business, lifestyle, education, customization. Alternatively, the App Store adheres to the mantra of having an app for everything. Apple is now offering a category system to compete with the Google Play store.


Play Store Vs. App Store – Which is better? Even though it will never end, war is raging between these two titans of the app market. Google Play Store and Apple App Store both have millions of different apps. App Store and Google Play Store are similar in some ways and different in others. Users can prioritize testing based on the differences between them. The picture gallery in the App Store should be their primary focus. The Google Play Store gives top priority to graphic and video content. To develop apps for any of these stores, app developers need to be familiar with the requirements and expectations of the stores. In summary, Apple App Store Vs. Google Play Store is a tie.

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