One might think it’s rather easy to hire a mobile or website development company as a quick little google search will find you hundreds of them. But that can’t be further from the truth. Choosing a web designer for your company is a critical turning point. There are so many things involved and questions that can confuse the best of us.

Questions such as, How much does it cost? What are the tools they use? Would the solutions offered by the company work for you? How long would the development process take? How to hire a good web developer?

In short web design projects take time and are a lot of work! Picking the right company is a crucial decision to be made and one you should not make lightly. There are questions to ask before designing a website for your company. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind and to know before you decide to partner with any web design and development company:

1. Have a plan in place and know what you need

Web development is more than just displaying your product along with your company name and address. It is a means through which any potential client is able to get in touch with you. It also provides a unique kind of interface that is able to link your customer to your products and entice them along the way. The aim of web development and design should be to provide your customer with a clear and convenient medium through with they can either buy your goods or are able to order your service.

So for all of this to take place you must know what you require from the company that you plan on partnering with. Understand the market and your targetted clientele and request a web solution that is able to help you make a platform that is not only user friendly but also provides you with a backend solution.

2. What is your budget for the whole process?

As mentioned above there are hundreds of web development and design companies, and all of them will provide service and quote a certain price. Many businesses usually make the mistake of going for the cheapest option. But you need to keep this saying in mind, “cheap is expensive”. This cannot be more true than in software development. That being said don’t blindly go for the most expensive option either. Have good look at your budget and see how much you can actually afford to spend. Now cross-check that with the features and service you require from the company that you plan on hiring. You will be able to narrow the list extensively in his manner.

Do some extensive research in this field and collect a few quotations from different companies to see your options. Just remember to never sacrifice quality due to money.

3. What is the timeline of your entire project?

You have to pick a company depending on your timeline and when you hope to launch your project. You must see whether the web development company that you wish to partner with has the time and resources to maintain such a timeline. It would be wise to have a trial period with the company that you have in mind first. Even though you can expect them to be on their best behavior during this time, you will at least get a rough idea of how they usually work during projects. See the internal workings of the team. Are they able to hold daily meetings? How are the communications between your two companies? What is the review process they follow? You should look into all these manners when finalizing a web development company to partner with.

  • A point subpoint here is also to see how busy they are as a company. If the company you plan to partner with has a ton of other customers it might seem like a good point from the view that they clearly are doing well for themselves and hence they have so many customers. But from another angle, a question can be asked of whether they have the time and resources for your projects. In simple terms do they have the manpower to priorities your project and timeline?

4. Where are they located?

You might be thinking that maybe if you outsourced the web development to another country it might be cheaper as it will save you a lot of labor costs. And you might be right in that aspect. But don’t forget about one crucial point, being in different time zones. It might be tempting to go for the cheaper option but you might just be signing up for a lot more frustration communication-wise. If you send off an email today afternoon, depending on the companies location and working hours you might get the reply the next morning if you are lucky.

5. Understanding the development process

It is obvious that it might take you some time to understand the processes of software development, but it is important for you to at least get a base in it. It will help you better understand not only your project but will also aid in your ability to understand the needs of your developer. Added to this once you have a grasp on the software development process you will be able to answer your own questions and not depend on the company for everything. You can then judge the project on your own expertise.

6. What was the previous work?

This is another area that will require you do to a deep search. In addition to the references and reviews you find online, also try and do some research work of your own. Following are some of the other areas that you can look into before you partner with any web or software development company:

  • The scale of their projects: Try to find some of their past clients whose business was at the same kind of scale as yours. Were they able to provide them with the help you need?
  • The number of projects they have done in the past: A lot of the times companies might not have all their past projects displayed on their website. Feel free to ask them these questions for you to understand the company better and see their experience level.
  • What are the services they can provide: it is very important to see whether their technical expertise fits your project requirement or not.